MIDMAC, a Class-A certified contractor with ISO and OHSAS Certifications, is one of Qatar’s largest contracting organizations.

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MIDMAC Contracting Company W.L.L.

MIDMAC is known throughout the industry as an organization founded on professionalism, reliability and integrity. MIDMAC recognizes that the construction business is people intensive and regards its personnel resources as its most important asset.

The diversity of our employees from different nationalities and backgrounds, their qualifications, strong work ethics, and varied experience in mobilizing, coordinating and managing multi-national project teams, are the foundation of our competitive advantage. It enables MIDMAC to provide a complete project delivery service and ensures that its construction organization is adequately staffed with appropriately skilled personnel at the right time.

Quality and safety are determining factors in every facet of the company’s operations.

Image of Raghib H. Kublawi

“As the General Manager of MIDMAC, my quest has always been about building a great, enduring company, striking a balance between profitability and social conscience for the wellbeing of the State of Qatar.

I am delighted to have participated and witnessed the growth of one of the longest established organisations in Qatar, sharing the success and swift development of this young nation to a globally recognised power it has become.

Under the guidance and support of our shareholders, the company achieved exponential growth throughout the 50 years in business, earning the trust of its clients to execute challenging projects designed by internationally renowned architects.

The accolades we have been awarded have strengthened our resolve to seek continual improvement and growth.

With many mega projects continually arising in Qatar, it is an exciting time to be part of the construction industry. The current projects in rail, hospitals, airport, educational, sports and social facilities, are of great significance to improve the quality of life for the nationals and residents of Qatar.

Our Policy and Goals have and will always be to maintain greater achievements whilst ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our personnel.”

Raghib H. Kublawi

General Manager


MIDMAC Contracting Company W.L.L.
in numbers

  • Past Three Years 5.2% Uear on Year Turnover Growth
  • Across all 9000 employed Nationwide
  • Paid up capital of over Qar. 25 Million
  • Portfolio Comprising 04+ Companies in multiple sectors

MIDMAC Contracting Company W.L.L.

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